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What is Multi-cloud and why should you care? 

Multi-cloud means using more than a single public cloud. Today's enterprises want to avoid dependence on a single public cloud provider. Whether based on corporate standards or preferences, increasing flexibility through choice, or mitigating against disasters, a multi-cloud strategy makes sense for enterprises who are relying on data to drive their business.

For many multi-cloud is not an affordable option due to the complexity and myriad of choices, and different cost structures for services and components, which are evolving and changing every day. The ideal choice for enterprises large and small is a Platform as a Service that takes advantage of the right cloud, and the right services, at the right time, without forcing an enterprise to choose between the options available.

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Reltio is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner and Google Cloud Platform Partner.

Reltio Cloud's Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) leverages the best of the best technologies and services from both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, in a true multi-model architecture. Unlike the single multi-model databases today, Reltio Cloud again leverages the best of the best technologies available to store and efficiently manage the right data in the right storage.

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Building a Multi-cloud Modern Data Management Platform as a Service

Reltio was born in the cloud and the Reltio Cloud platform was architected to support multiple public cloud providers so that our customers can take advantage of the value each one offers.
— Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Chief Architect, Reltio

Reltio Cloud Data Management Performance by the Numbers:


Multi-tenant Real-time Operations

  • Thousands of desktop and mobile users accessing and contributing data

  • 6.7 Billion API calls served

    • Average of 9M API calls per day

  • 2.7 Billion Searches

    • Average of 3.9M Searches per day

Trusted & Highly Available

  • GDPR Ready

  • HiTrust Certified

  • 24/7 Operations

  • 99.95% Uptime

Multi-model Storage

  • Polyglot storage using Apache Cassandra, Spark, Graph, Document and other stores

  • Billions of Master Profile entities

  • Billions of interactions and transactions for analytics

  • Hundreds of Terabytes to Petabytes of data under management

Multi-cloud Global Footprint

  • 22 Locales

  • 130+ Countries

  • Data Center Regions in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific


Reltio Cloud's Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) scales horizontally to deliver elastic performance to support the throughput that you need at anytime. A usage and consumption based model allows on-demand scale up and scale down capacity provisioned based on workloads. Unlike hosted/managed services non-multi-tenant cloud, where capacity is still limited by the hardware originally sized and dedicated to each customer, Reltio Cloud's true multi-cloud and multi-tenant architecture provides burst capacity to handle any data access or load scenarios which may have spikes in real-time operational business usage through data-driven applications, or data processing intensive machine learning and predictive analytics.

A High-performance & Scalable Platform in the Cloud

Reltio was architected from the ground up as a multi-cloud, multi-model, multi-tenant platform.

It leverages highly scalable persistence technologies like Apache Cassandra (Get the presentation from Reltio's Chief Architect on why Apache Cassandra), Graph technologies, Elastic Search and Apache Spark (Watch a video with Reltio's Lead Data Scientist describing Reltio's innovative use of Apache Spark) along with other AWS services that ensure a high level of redundancy, fault tolerance and availability.

Reltio's multi-model polyglot storage is completely insulated from our customers and partners. We handle and leverage the latest technologies as they become proven, regardless of cloud platform. Our customers and partners realize the benefits as soon as we rollout our new no-unpact upgraded versions (at minimum 3 major releases a year). Reltio’s Modern Data Management platform also incorporates Apache Spark for compute workloads that include analytics and real-time operational high performance REST APIs for master data services.  

Reltio continuously performs benchmarks for large datasets in order to improve the efficiency and leverage the latest technologies to support Internet and Big Data scale workloads. 
A recent example demonstrated 600 Million entity profiles consisting of organizations, locations, customers and various business relationships loaded into Reltio Cloud in a matter of weeks. The load included built-in address verification and matching. Using legacy loading, matching and address verification for such a volume would have taken anywhere from 9-12 months.

Listen to a fireside chat discussing performance at a recent Modern Data Management conference

A  Fireside Chat  with the Director of MDM for one of the largest computer and printer manufacturer and sellers in the world

A Fireside Chat with the Director of MDM for one of the largest computer and printer manufacturer and sellers in the world

In our previous system, we did not enable match merge to its potential. We tried
several times and the performance wasn’t there. And we also had a lot of problems with
unmerging. So, once we merged something, if the business wanted to back it out, you
know, 90% of the time it didn’t work at all and when it did work, it was slower than
— Director MDM for a leading computer & printer manufacturer, describing their legacy MDM tool before Reltio

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Effective May 25, 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will represent the most rigorous data protection regulation ever. Complying is not optional, and the penalties are very high. As companies scurry for total compliance, it makes sense to pause, assess, and use this opportunity not only for compliance but for managing customer data efficiently and gainfully.

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Reltio's inclusion in the The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs Q2 2018, by Michele Goetz with Gene Leganza, Elizabeth Hoberman, and Kara Hartig, Forrester Research, June 2018, sparked (pun intended) several questions. Such as why was Reltio included, how did we receive such strong marks, and why were we the only Master Data Management (MDM) vendor in the Wave?