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Reltio for life sciences

Life sciences companies rely on Reltio.

Life sciences companies rely on Reltio for a complete view across all information sources to understand markets, drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure through actionable, real-time predictive insights. Reltio data-driven applications are available for key account management, affiliation management, HCP/HCO master data and more.

Silos need to be broken down, and IT must pull on the same rope with business teams to succeed.

The global life sciences industry is facing more change and challenges than ever before. Business teams have to be able to rapidly adapt their sales, marketing and compliance models, while IT continues to look for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs in the face of increasing M&A activity.  Status quo is unacceptable, and simply shifting legacy process-driven applications, such as CRM (Veeva or salesforce) to the cloud isn't enough. Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) must be implemented, and enterprises need to go beyond traditional master data management (MDM) for CRM data quality. Silos need to be broken down, and IT must pull on the same rope with business teams to succeed.

SMB to F500 life sciences companies rely on Reltio

Our experience working in life sciences during our time at organizations, such as Veeva, Informatica, IBM and others, has enabled us to deliver a new, differentiated solution that provides a complete view across all information sources to help understand markets, drive revenue opportunities and reduce risk exposure, through actionable and real-time predictive insights. In many ways, data is the new lifeblood of life sciences. In fact a recent survey showed exactly how companies across biotech, pharma and med device were leveraging and prioritizing investments in data today.



Reltio Cloud Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) the world's most reliable, scalable, and trusted cloud computing services. The combination of Reltio Cloud and AWS delivers best in class security, compliance, and elastic performance and scalability for life sciences and healthcare companies.

Reltio life sciences solutions are available for:


Companies need to understand the complex and dynamic relationships among IDNs, HCOs, payers and health plans in order to drive the right actions and enable them to best position their products on various formularies. Reltio delivers a complete view of information for managed markets teams so that they can optimize their activities, and achieve better outcomes. Highlights include:

  • Complete payer hierarchies down to the plan level

  • Detailed views of payers, channels, regions and plans

  • Insight into formulary, competitive products and tiers

  • Cross correlation of product metrics and longitudinal stats

  • Identification and management of Pharmacy Benefit Manager details and associated contracts


Keeping healthcare provider (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) information accurate and up-to-date is a necessity. Customers such as medical device provider, Alere rely on Reltio for MDM. Reltio provides an advanced set of data management capabilities that go beyond basic master data management (MDM). Related data is blended from multiple sources, including internal applications, third-party data feeds, transaction, interaction and social media. This improves data quality, but more importantly, provides a holistic view of customer activity, which is critical for understanding multichannel customer engagement and compliance imperatives, such as open payments or EFPIA reporting. Highlights include:

  • High performance cleanse, match, merge and unmerge

  • Built-in address cleansing and data quality

  • Location master as a separate entity

  • Metrics to assess ongoing data quality and match rates

  • Comprehensive profile information, easily extensible across any dimension

  • One-click enrichment through your choice of third-party data providers

  • Support for collaborative curation/stewardship of data if needed

  • Detailed audit of data change history with attribute-level change comparison

  • Free text search with facet filtering on any attribute

  • Seamless integration with Veeva CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud



Markets have evolved to become more restrictive, and corporate-owned facilities have increased in size and influence. Understanding professional and organizational relationships is crucial. Reltio provides an out-of-the-box, data-driven affiliation management application, with built-in MDM, for managing all relationships within and across HCOs and HCPs to support commercial opportunities, with the ability to correlate actions and results. Highlights include:

  • Graphical views of HCP-to-HCO affiliations and HCP-to-HCP relationships

  • Legal representation of HCO-to-HCO hierarchies, including hospitals, clinics, departments, nursing homes, home health and IDNs

  • Related HCP and HCO transactions/interactions

  • Details about ACOs, professional associations, and committees

  • Insight into healthcare and administrative roles

  • Ability to vote on the validity of affiliations and provide collaborative feedback

  • Dashboard and analytic views of HCP and HCO distribution

  • Ability to save and share searches based on any criteria - affiliation, geography and IDN ownership

  • Granular control of create, view and update rights, based on role or other criteria, including brand and products details

  • Flexibility to use HCP/HCO master data from existing MDM systems, such as Informatica, IBM, or Reltio's HCP/HCO MDM application



Teams across many functions (brand, marketing, sales, compliance) need consistent and accurate product information to successfully execute product launches, perform competitive, market basket and pricing analysis and manage compliance reporting. 

Reltio blends data from all data sources, like QuintilesIMS, First Data Bank and NDC11 to accurately match, merge and cross-reference product records to create reliable profiles with groupings of products at a granular level, accommodating different package forms, strengths and delivery methods. You can define flexible product hierarchies by markets, brands, segments and geographies that can be categorized, organized and analyzed from multiple perspectives. 

Reltio provides a flexible and agile platform to develop data-driven product master applications that not only manage product data, but also manage the relationships with other entities, like HCP, accounts and policies with multinomial data standardization, including IDMP and entity resolution. Compliance becomes easy with the ability to map products with HCP, Specialty and Accounts. Highlights include:

  • Product data converged from multiple industry and enterprise sources

  • Consolidated product records with comprehensive and extendable sets of attributes including manufacturer, labeler, package and therapeutic class

  • Automated generation of product hierarchies and groupings, with parent groups

  • Ad-hoc linking of groups with cascading ancestry

  • Ability to create new product alerts


Identifying and selecting the right investigator has a significant impact on the success or failure of a clinical trial. An often-underestimated process, the right or wrong choice for an investigator can influence and modify the course of a trial dramatically. Reltio allows life sciences companies to bring together all of the information needed to track and evaluate investigators. Highlights include:

  • Full demographic profiles and affiliation details

  • Related PubMed articles and content imported from private and public sources

  • Audit history of prior participation and outcomes

  • Collaborative ranking and scoring of candidates


Successful key account management requires a convergence of information from all of the areas and applications previously listed. Reltio data-driven applications automatically share data to provide a complete view of key accounts. Ultimately providing teams with reliable data and recommended actions to successfully develop relationships with relevant executives and influencers belonging to each organization. Highlights include:

  • Measuring and ranking HCP influence across any criteria

  • Mapping influence between HCP-to-HCP

  • Assessing the value of an account, including across tiers

  • Access to a unified view encompassing plan and payer information, formulary details and even HCP-to-Pharma-employee relationships

  • Seamless integration with Veeva CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud

Corporate Integrity Agreement Compliance

Reltio brings together data from HR and training systems to deliver a data-driven application that identifies, manages, tracks and maintains the training path and records of employees that meet CIA requirements. Reltio can not only reduce the amount of time it takes to generate the needed reports, but also eliminate any confusion over who needs to take the training. Freeing up thousands of hours of time wasted on employees who do not require training, while improving their productivity and morale.

Open Payment and EFPIA Reporting and Analysis

Reltio's ability to create a single view of HCOs and HCPs across siloed sources makes open payments/aggregate spend reporting a breeze. Reltio can also store and manage all related transactions, effectively forgoing separate MDM and data warehouse reporting systems.

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Reltio's inclusion in the The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs Q2 2018, by Michele Goetz with Gene Leganza, Elizabeth Hoberman, and Kara Hartig, Forrester Research, June 2018, sparked (pun intended) several questions. Such as why was Reltio included, how did we receive such strong marks, and why were we the only Master Data Management (MDM) vendor in the Wave?