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Complete Profiles, Personalized Hierarchies, and Relevant Insights for a True Supplier 360

Supply chains are no longer linear flow systems but interconnected networks. Executive leadership inside organizations are looking to free up cash locked in supply chain operations by removing inefficiencies and leakages. However, poor data quality and inconsistent data standards for suppliers across IT, Finance, Procurement, Compliance, and other departments lead to sub-opitmal processes. With increasing data volume and variety and with changes in regulatory needs, and frequent M&A activities, it is more important than ever to have reliable Supplier 360 information that feeds to all operational and analytical systems for actionable insight and measurable outcomes.

Supplier 360: Consolidated and Accurate Supplier Data

The combination of Modern Data Management and data-driven applications dramatically changes the way organizations manage their suppliers. As business leaders take a holistic approach towards digital transformation in order to revamp their supplier ecosystem, access to reliable supplier data becomes critical. The advantages will by no means be limited to reduced cost and greater efficiency, but will also reflect in accelerated innovation, larger market share and increased long-term business value. With Reltio Cloud you can achieve:

  • A Single Supplier View Across the Enterprise

  • Personalized Hierarchies Uncovering Many-to-many Relationships Across People, Products, and Places

  • Data-driven Supplier Aggregation Applications

  • Alignment of All Transactional and Strategic Processes

  • Compliance and Contract Adherence

complete SUPPLIER account understanding

Reltio Cloud allows you to deploy a data-driven Supplier 360 solution by bringing together data from multiple internal (ERP, SCM, Expense Management), third-party, public and social sources for complete supplier account profiles. The Supplier 360 solution also uncovers relationships, not just between people and organizations, but products, locations, contracts, activities and transactions. A complete picture across all sources is needed to accurately formulate recommended actions to achieve desired goals.

Get Hierarchies & Relationships Your way

Separate MDM-only tools can help improve supplier  data quality but without a graph-based foundation, complex relationships across people, organizations and products are hard to uncover. With endless ways to model hierarchies and relationships, you can create and manage custom hierarchies beyond just formal legal structures, and add business logic, such as global sourcing to create visual and actionable views of your suppliers.

contextual and personalized

Context is an important factor in creating a usable Supplier 360 view. Reltio's provides all of the relevant supplier information to the user, based on the user’s role and the task at hand. Using built-in, continuous integrated Data as a Service feeds to popular third-party data sources, such as Dun & Bradstreet, you can get a complete 360 view aligned to your objectives, and generate multiple context-specific views for your business users.


With a Supplier 360 data-driven application, you can drive compliance across the supplier life cycle for handling taxation, credit risk, pricing, discounting, financial information and contract adherence. It helps meet regulatory requirements (such as Office of Foreign Assets screening and diversity tracking) and improve your supplier engagement and satisfaction levels.


Reltio also provides unique collaborative curation of information by your business users who deal with suppliers. With fine grained workflow and governance, you can be assured of getting the most accurate information in real-time. Reltio can also flexibly deliver information to your downstream applications, or provide access through embedded widgets within your application.

at the speed of your business

IT can now deliver value to business faster. Real-time configurable data model adapts to business needs, across any use case, for any industry, without tedious customizations. Your applications come with your data instantaneously, blended with third-party sources to get you up and running quickly. Reltio Cloud is multi-tenant, horizontally-scalable and always available. Deployed in the cloud, you will be up and running faster than you dreamed possible.

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Reltio's inclusion in the The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs Q2 2018, by Michele Goetz with Gene Leganza, Elizabeth Hoberman, and Kara Hartig, Forrester Research, June 2018, sparked (pun intended) several questions. Such as why was Reltio included, how did we receive such strong marks, and why were we the only Master Data Management (MDM) vendor in the Wave?